4.13.1 Crashing On Launch

So I was just trying to convert a 4.12 project over to 4.13 and 4.13 had been working prior to my updating to 4.13. When I tried creating new projects (tried just blueprint and c++) the project would crash on launch. Copying my 4.12 project to convert seemed to work but when I launched the copied and converted version, again the engine would crash. The one project I was working on in 4.13 before updating seems to be able to open but I’m not sure if this is specific to me or a version issue.

Hello ezragoss,

Could you post the callstack that it gives you when it crashes? Copy and pasting it would be best, as I may need to try to search for other instances of this crash. This should give us an idea of why the crash is occurring.

Edit: Are you submitting your crashes from the Crash Reporter when you get them? Also, could you provide your Machine ID that is listed in the crash reporter window?

I ran into the same issue with certain maps that were using landscapes when I updated my project. If you have any maps that you know are using landscapes, try temporarily moving them out of your content folder using a file explorer, then launching.

If that succeeds, move the umap files back, then open them up in the editor and re-make the landscape objects. (Maybe someone else knows of a way to repair them, but in my case they were simple enough to rebuild.)

If landscapes aren’t the issue, try the same method with the rest of the objects in your content folder. Move everything out, then copy folder by folder back in (making sure to keep the tree intact) until you find out which folder has the broken object. Narrow it down by folder until you find the culprit(s).

Thank you for the input CognitionTom. It’s helpful to know that this is related to landscapes. Unfortunately this is more of a workaround than a proper fix. Would it be possible for you to reproduce the crash and provide the same information I requested from Ezragoss? These is a fairly general issue and the crashes may be different. It would be useful to make sure they’re the same.

Thanks for both of your replies, I have to post this in an answer as opposed to a reply because of character limitations.

I’m going to paste two separate ones, one for when I create a new project and it crashes and one for when I try to open the project I copied from 4.12. I’m not sure if they’ll be different crash reports but I don’t see how landscapes would be an issue for a new project even though it could be the issue with my copied one.

New Project Crash Report:

Copied and Converted 4.12 project Crash Report:

Wow I’m sorry for wasting time on this but rereading over the crash report I realized SkookumScript could be the cause of all this so I uninstalled it from 4.13 and everything is working fine now. Thank you for you time on this and, again, sorry about that.

I had just noticed that from your crash report as well. I was about to suggest letting them know of these issues but it seems like they’re aware, there’s a comment on their marketplace page.

Have a nice day!

Just tested again on 4.13.1 hotfix and the upgrade works now without crashing.