4.12 UMG Combobox in Worldspace

In the new 4.12 version of UE, Comboboxes should work in world space. I tried this and found that the menu now opens when pressing the combobox, but it does not appear underneath the combobox (picture).
Is this a bug or is there a way to adjust the position as with menu anchors?

how is this not working…
it was even confirmed as working:

I tested it with the same version and the same setup and I don’t have any problem. It looks like there is some indenting going on… I just set my anchor from the combo box to the middle of the screen and nothing more.

the funny thing is now the combobox won’t even open anymore… i’ve made serveral new projects, sometimes the dropdown works, sometimes not. and when it does work, it is displayed on a wrong position… i really would have needed this >_>

edit: it seems to work correctly the first time you play a project, the second time the dropdown is on a wrong position and after serveral times of starting the project, it does not work at all anymore
this is on a clean fresh project btw

edit2: ok i think i’ve found the bug, and i think it is a definitely bug:
when you press play from any other window than the main window, the position of the dropdown will be wrong
e.g. pressing play from within the userwidget blueprint or from inside an actor blueprint ->wrong
pressing play from the main window, where the content browser, etc. is located -> right