4.12 preview 2 Matinee rendering problem

Hello Unreal 4 Team.
It seems we have another problem with Matinee 4.12 preview 2 especially when rendering animated sequences with unusual ratio (like 0.70 which corresponds approximately to poster formats).
Indeed, when creating a sequence (png or jpg, but whatever…), my cameras seem completely biased, with a weird FOV, angle, that does not match the camera settings in Matinee. I tried to reproduce the error on blank project: same …
I should add, though I return to a “normal” ratio (16: 9-2: 1), the problem persists and then impossible to correctly render whatever settings

Thanks for your support

Blank projet! Keep up your good work

90054-affiche_dt.rar (2.95 MB)

Hi JM_Lovermind,

Thanks for reporting this. We have already addressed some of the issues(including this one) rendering in an editor window for the next preview build. I was able to reproduce your issue in 4.12 Preview 3, but latest 4.12 does not have the same problems.

In the meantime, please try enabling “Use Separate Process”


Hi and thank your for your response.
Indeed, the problem seems to have disappeared in the last release, UE4.12 preview 4.

Thanks and keep up your good work!