4.12 NVIDIA VXGI installation 4.12 Simul trueSKY doesn't work!

After installation show me the window“Because you can not find module ‘TrueSkyPiugin’, so the plug ‘TrueSkyPlugin’ failed to load, make sure that plug-in is installed correctly, otherwise, consider disabling this plugin”

Does the TrueSky plugin come with source? As you will probably need that to compile the plugin specifically for the VXGI version of the engine since its a custom engine version.

Regrettably I do not have the TrueSky plugin source code :frowning: But I saw a
demo on YouTube it’s work!Unreal Engine 4 - TrueSKY and Nvidia VXGI test render - YouTube

They may have the source version, I dont know what versions of the TruSky plugin are available, nor do I have access to the plugin to test.

未标题-1.jpgand the link http://simul.co/download/

I can’t obtain it without a login, so I don’t have access. But looking at the version you linked, it won’t work, you need the 4.12.5 version of the plugin since thats what version VXGI is integrated into.

Because thank you very patiently answered ,But I have to go to the company to ask TA , by the way
3.jpgor what should I do?:o

Look at my signature, merged branches of the techs (VXGI, Flex, HairWorks, WaveWorks) for 4.9.2, 4.12.5 and 4.13 p1

It’s look Awesome,Thank you !:cool:

Ummm, I use 4.12.5 and True Sky works fine…Why isn’t this asked in the TrueSky thread?