4.12 Navmesh Does Not Draw on BSP Geometey

I’m not sure about before but after the latest hot fix as of today, names he’s don’t draw on BSP Geometry. I block my levels out with BSP so being able test game play before using static meshes as replacement us crucial. I’m not aware I’d thus us already known but I wanted to make sure this can be fixed if it is indeed a bug and just not on my end. Navmesh builds just fine on static meshes… just not BSP. Anyone else with this issue?

I’m on mobile so I can’t edit above post but it should read “Navmesh Does not draw on BSP Geometry.” Excuse the auto correct.

Navmesh on BSP was working fine with me. i’m using 4.12.5, idk which hotfix u were using ! … The issue with me is when I convert BSP to static mesh the navmesh stops generating on it.