4.12 fresh install fails to launch

Editor stops launching at 70% every time. System requirements are met and pc is plugged in. Tried restarting, verifying, OpenGL, running as admin and then reinstalled it. It’s installed on drive M which hopefully is not the problem. DxDiag has Assertion failed messages towards the bottom.

How do I fix this situation?
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Reinstalled to C and cleaned up reg files. Is UE4 always so buggy or is this a bad release?

Issue fixed by going to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine and removing the folders 4.12 and common (note: I through them into a temp folder I made in the same directory). Relaunched, it lagged at 49% but pasted 70% and it through the allow firewall access message. 4.12 and common folders are replaced by the launcher and the editor launched successfully.

Thank you for the fast support!
Your welcome.