4.12 Drag-And-Drop Window Crash

This has happened a few times in the 4.12 builds, but is unfortunately hard to reproduce. If you drag the content browser tab shortly after opening the editor and drag it around, you’ll occasionally get this crash.

Log & Callstack Attached.

[link text][2]
link text

I should add, the black overlay over Visual Studio IS the content browser window that I dragged / clicked on, somehow it gets stuck drawing on top of everything - even other applications.

Hey Jamsh-

Can you give me an idea how often this occurs? How immediately after the editor opens do you need to start dragging the content browser? Does the crash occur while dragging the content browser around or when you release the button to drop it? Does this crash occur if you run the project outside of VS debug? If so, can you provide the machine ID from the crash window?

Hey ,

This happens roughly 5-10% of the time. Usually within the first few seconds of the editor opening up is when I drag the window (I by default have the content browser opening in a full-screen tab).

The crash seems to occur while dragging, but it’s usually an accidentally drag - I’m actually clicking to open it but the editor thinks I’m dragging. It might be the super-fast drag and drop making it crash.

I haven’t run the editor outside of Debug Game in VS for ages so I’m not sure if that’s what causes it.

I haven’t seen this yet, but I’ll keep trying to reproduce it periodically. If you find a way to make it occur more frequently, please let us know.

Hey Jamsh,

I still have not be able to get this issue to occur. Please let me know if you have any additional information that would help reproduce this easily and we will continue to investigate.