4.12 and VisualAssistX problems

Ever since upgrading to 4.12, Visual Assist X has been having a number of problems.

Typing periods or using autocomplete doesn’t show up in the editor (looks like nothing is there), but restarting makes everything appear.
Errors List is no longer populated, need to read errors from the output panel.
Constant crashes.
Clicking on the class tabs that auto-open when starting up VS just closes them instead of switching to them.

I can’t seem to find any help on their website.

Anyone else experience similar problems with VisualAssistX and unreal? Any solutions?

Check if your VA is using the Visual Studio inteli sense. There were some changes to the default setup for developing UE projects in the last versions.

You should find updated information here:

You probably find what you need in section: “Intellisense, Live Errors, and Squiggles” but don’t miss the debug visualizers.

I’ve been having similar issues, it will work fine for a while then get stuck in the state of not autocompleting and periods not typing. I typically need to delete the .suo file and regenerate the vs project files. It will work for a while then happen again.

I’m not seeing anything in the guide you posted DarthB that seems an obvious remedy, but will go through it all anyhow.

Go in VaX options and hit the button to rebuild its database.