4.12.5 Remove Instance Paper Grouped Sprite

Created new project, added actor bp, placed in level, added paper grouped sprite component, added an intance to component, remove instance on begin play, start PIE, editor crashes with: CrashLog

Hey gmc,

I was able to reproduce the crash by following the steps you have provided. For reference the issue can be found on our Public Issues Tracker by following the link below.


Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,

I like the new Issues Tracker, did not know it was out yet! Also, just want to make sure this is understood, since in UE-34223 it says OnBeginPlay, PIE will crash no matter where you put the remove instance (I.E. the construct script, or custom event)

The callstack will still report the same issues so how it is called to crash is not as relevant, but thank you for the extra bit of information.


Thanks for the report. CL# 3086544 in Dev-Framework fixed the crash when mutating grouped sprite components at runtime, and cleaned up how collision rendering is done for grouped sprite components addressing some other issues as well. It will probably make it to 4.13.

Michael Noland