[4.12.5] procedural mesh showing up in editor but not when playing

I’m designing a actor that uses a custom convex shape of an unknown amount of sides (used to define colored regions in the game). I have everything working in the construction script but when I test my level with the play button, the custom mesh disappears. I’ve looked around with several settings and options, but have not found any solution to this issue. The custom mesh is created with an array of ‘CustomMeshTriangles’ which is made by an array of vectors.

This is what it looks like in the editor and when playing, as well as how I’m creating the mesh

This is a close up of making the procedural mesh in the construction script

Open initial values of your class and look for “Actor Hidden In Game” parameter


I’ve looked to see if anything of the actor or the components is hidden in game, and they are not. The checkbox was unchecked and the actor does show up in game (As seen by the dashed green spline mesh in the first picture) but the issue still persists. I’ve also check the individual components to make sure Visible is checked, and HiddenInGame is not

I have found the solution to this issue. Having the “AddCustomMeshTriangles” or the “SetCustomMeshTriangles” node in the construction script will only work in the editor. Adding them to the Post Begin Play will make them show up in game.

You must use the node in both the construction script and the event graph to have them show both in the editor and in game.

hey, have you finished working on this system? are you willing to share or sell it?