4.12.5 - Inconsistent Menu behavior with Windows 10 Creators update

Has anyone faced issues with Unreal Editor menu(File, Edit, etc.,) not working or working inconsistently with Windows 10 Creators Update?

Same problem is faced with “Right click” in content browser. Right click context menu doesn’t open. Sometimes opens after 10 or more continuous clicks.

4.8.3 and 4.15 is working properly.
I have tried Reinstalling also but still the problem persists

From what I’ve read it is a common problem.

OK think I have solved it…

This issue isn’t just on Unreal its across all apps on my machine… Basically you need to remove context menus (for NVIDIA and in my case Intel as well)

Fix: Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10

(try this first)

if this doenst fix it then using CCLEANER - disable all the context menus via Tools options

Hope that helps some of you out there…

Dunk !!!