4.12.5 Hotfix Released

The 4.12.5 Hotfix is now live! This hotfix resolves an issue for UE4 with the recent Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, as well as a few other issues.

Feel free to discuss this release on the 4.12 Forum thread.

If you experience a bug with the 4.12.5 Hotfix, please remember to log a bug report for the issue on the UE4 AnswerHub to the Bug Reports section.

Fixed in 4.12.5

Fixed! UE-32588 VS2015 Update 3 prevents the editor from compiling code
Fixed! UE-32621 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FGlobalShader::SetParameters<FRHIPixelShader * __ptr64,FRHICommandList>() [globalshader.h:134]
Fixed! UE-32715 Crash when selecting “show” > “uncompressed animation” in Persona
Fixed! UE-32772 Hitting ensure in AACtor::BeginPlay in an actor with ChildActorComponents