4.12.5 Editor freeze when assign any number to BP function local variable as default value

Updated to 4.12.5 yesterday, when I assign -1 to an integer local variable in my player controller BP function,

the editor will freezes and the memory usage of UE4 editor will quickly grow to an enormous amount.

Bug reproducing steps:

  1. create controller BP
  2. create function in controller BP
  3. create local int variable in function
  4. assign default value to -1
  5. press compile

I’ve tested this 3 times, and every time the editor freezes.

Please help.

update 2016/07/08: I tried 999 as default value and the editor still freezes.

Hey Rit,

I created a new player character blueprint and opened it up. Then I created a new function within the player character blueprint and added a local integer variable with a default value of -1. I proceeded to compile and the editor did not freeze, crash or even hiccup. I tried this multiple times, with different numbers too.

Are you having this issue on a specific project? Are you able to reproduce it within a new project? Is your project created from a c++ template or a blueprint template?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks! :slight_smile:


My project is a C++ Third person template. I’ll try this again later to see if the problem still persist, thank you for your attention!

You’re welcome - let me know!

I’ve tried it again today, and I can compile without problem. This is pretty strange, I’m sure I wasn’t able to compile blueprint script no matter how many times I restart UE4 editor.

I’ll inform you if I encounter the problem again.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Have a great week and let us know if you run into any further complications!