[4.12.5] Cant create C++ project

Just download UE4, already have VS15/
Trying to create blueprint project and it works perfectly, but if i try to create any C++ project or add C++ class to blueprint project causing errors like this:

An error occurred while trying to generate project files.

Running D:/Programs/Epic Games/4.12/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe -projectfiles -progress
UnrealBuildTool Exception: ERROR: A game project path was not specified, which is required when generating project files using an installed build or passing -game on the command line

Same posts here, that I find, doesnt have real solution, so can you help me?

Hello Alavask,

Did you download the engine from the Epic Games Launcher or from Github? If it was Launcher, please try verifying your installation inside of the Launcher’s Library tab. If it was from Github, please try recompiling the engine and ensuring that it completes successfully.

If neither of these help, what name are you giving to your projects? We’ve had a few reports of some names that cause problems in the project generation process.

Downloadng everything with launcher, but VS was already installed. Try diffrent projects title but nothing changed. What you mean under “verifying installation”? Some problems that may cause it:
1 I dont have english windows user (russian letters), but install folder and projects folder have fully english paths.
2 Something wrong with VS, maybe some installed plugins like VISUAL ASSIST
3 Maybe UE need vs 2013?

This is where you would verify the installation:

  1. It shouldn’t matter but this could be related to the problem. 2. The Visual Studio installation should be fine since the editor is recognizing that it’s there, otherwise it wouldn’t let you make the project in the first place.

Another thing to try after verifying your installation would be to navigate to the directory for one of your C++ projects, right-click the .uproject file and select “Generate Visual Studio Project Files”. If this fails, please post the error that it gives you.

Verifying engine are done, but nothing change.
Working with .uproject file doesn’t work for me, because if i try any of UE variants like launch game or generate vs project files it create little window named “select UE version” and only one version is offered 4.12. Pressing ok program close that window and opened it again. So that’s it

So when you try to generate project files, it asks you to select an Engine Version. If you hit Yes on this window, what happens after that? Does it start trying to generate the project files? Does the exact same window asking for the engine version come back up? Is there a .sln file in the project’s folder at all? If so, please try opening it and compiling the project.

Searching in files find Games.uprojectdirs that i create to remove another problem. I delete it and now everything works (previos problem also dissapier) So great thaks for helping me, you are BEST)

I’m glad to hear that it’s fixed. Thank you for letting me know what the issue was as well.

Have a nice day!