4.12.5 AI "stuck" game on first EQS execution.


I’m getting a small “freeze” on my game when my Behaviour Tree enters a sequence that runs an EQS.

Here is the screenshot from the BT:


Disabling the test filters and just letting any generator inside it (Grid, Circle, Whatever) doesn’t stops the hiccup.

My only “tip” is a log warning that happens exactly when the problem occurs:


Does someone knows how to fix this? (Cof Cof Mieszko!!! Help please! xD)

Just as sidenote, the trouble just happens “one time” per level, when the first AI guy finds the player.

Thank You.

Here is a video showing the problem…

The “skill” blocks the player character viewing from the perception system, the effect stops at “0:29” so it’s viewed by the perception system and the “STATE” on the screen above is triggered.
I have a 1 seccond freeze before the game run again. :confused:

Bump (with additional info)

I noticed that on PIE there is no lag, is this relevant?