4.11 Several editor bugs on OSX

I absolutely love all you do, and I love working with Unreal on a PC.

However I also work on OSX, and I wonder if you do not test OSX before release, it’s most usual a matter of 10 minutes real life testing before one discover ‘This editions OSX bugs’ - every new Unreal has new very apparent OSX bugs.

Last time something as obvious as Cmd+Z did not work as Undo in the editor (Like; Undo - who uses that?), something that takes very little bug testing to discover.

In Version: 4.11.0-2927265

  • Variables cannot be renamed by ‘Right click → Menu → Rename’ in the ‘My blueprint’ window. (along with several similar smaller issues)
  • Search is not automatically focused after right clicking in a blank editor area (One of the most used features of all)
  • Moving about in the BP area often cause wild screen flicker for 1-2 frames (Takes 2 minutes to discover)
  • After working a short while things like blank tabs with no content starts to pop up over the other windows…

It’s really just a matter of using it in 10 minutes before one discovers the OSX bugs of every release.

I can confirm the 1st two issues are happen for me also.

Version: 4.11.0-2927265+++UE4+Release-4.11 from launcher

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013), El Capitan 10.11.3 (15D21)


Issue: Context menu (blue print editor) doesn’t get keyboard focus on drag release.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Blueprint Editor
  2. Select ‘Event Graph’ tab
  3. Drag from the ‘Event Begin Play’ node
  4. Release mouse

Expected behaviour → Context menu appears and has focus.

Actual behaviour → Context menu appears but, can’t type without first navigating to the text box on the context menu.


Issue: Create new variable, keyboard focus doesn’t default to rename variable.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Blueprint Editor
  2. Select ‘Event Graph’ tab
  3. Promote something to a variable (dynamic material instance for example)

Expected behaviour → New variable is created and keyboard focus allows renaming of variable right away.

Actual behaviour → New variable is created, but new variable isn’t in ‘Rename Variable’ state.


I haven’t experienced the other two issues.

Hey guys,

I have taken the time to test the issues you are reporting, and have gone ahead and entered bugs for the issues I was able to reproduce.

UE-29042 - Unable to Rename Variables in Blueprints using the Right-Click Menu on Macs

UE-29024 - Search Field within Blueprint Graphs lose focus after Right-Clicking on Mac

UE-29045 - Viewport Flickers when opening a Blueprint and Setting it as a Docked Tab on El Capitan

These bug reports address the few issues you mentioned, however; I have not been able to reproduce the issue where windows and tabs begin opening over top of the other windows. If you have some steps for me to follow so I can reproduce the last issue you are mentioning that would be helpful.

We appreciate you taking the time to write this report, and we ask that you remain patient while we get these issues fixed and integrated into an upcoming hotfix or full engine release.

Thank you,