4.11 search field get focus broke

OSX, Right click in empty space of Blueprint, start typing F, L, …:

Expected behavior: Search has focus, narrowing search float…

BUG: Search field does no longer get automated focus after right click, one has to move mouse up and set focus, then search.

Same here with MacBook Pro on latest iOS
Also there is no focus to name a new variable when created

Hey guys,

I was able to confirm what you are reporting and have entered a bug for the issue UE-29024. Thank you for taking the time to report the bug, and if you have any questions please let me know.

Once the bug has been fixed and integrated, it will be added to the list of fixed issue to an upcoming hotfix or full engine release.


Is there any way that I could help with this bug? Is there any way to get access to the bug report so I can try to follow along and/or help? At the very least, I could do some testing with compiled engine versions. This issue affects me a lot.

Our internal bug reporting system is not visible to the public, but we are in the process of attempting to make issues like these open to the public so tracking can be done.

For the time being, you will just need to remain patient while the fix gets integrated. If you believe however, you can fix this issue on your own, we encourage our users to download the source version of the engine on GitHub and edit the code to contain the fix.

Once this is done, you can submit a code pull request, so we can decide to integrate the fix.

Thank you,


Could you please update us on the status of UE-29024? This bug is still present for me in 4.11.2 and 4.12.0-preview5.

It’s very, very frustrating to have a huge constantly-in-your-face regression like this go unfixed for so long. :frowning: I live in blueprints on a Mac!

This has been marked to be fixed for 4.13. We have already reached feature completion for the official 4.12 release, so you will need to wait till the next release to see this fix implemented. We appreciate your patience while this bug gets fixed and integrated.

Thank you,

Hi Andrew, is this still marked to be fixed for 4.13? The JIRA ticket status is set to “Backlogged”, not sure if that changes anything or not.

This issue was marked as backlogged after it was discovered as a duplicate of another issue. The duplicate was also closed, so I have reopened the issue and left a comment to let the engineers know this still needs to be fixed for an upcoming release.

Thanks for your patience and let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,

Whoah, hey, so it’s gotten missed? This literally affects me for every single node I create in the engine. AND it’s a regression! It’s not like it’s a new feature request! I have been waiting for 4.13 specifically for THIS fix!!! :cry:

Everyone go add your vote!!! Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-29024)

On a more pragmatic note, can anyone out there point me to the code in the engine that handles the right-click to bring up the search box? I’d like to give fixing it a shot, but finding the right place in the code is my biggest hurdle.

Oh wow, am glad I subscribed to this – just assumed if any Epic devs at all used Mac or Linux it’d have been fixed almost immediately, probably even in a 4.12 hotfix. Really hope it doesn’t slip to 4.14. If a Windows user tries to do anything on my machine they’re immediately caught out by it

Will add my vote to that issue link, and would really appreciate any help in getting this one prioritised AndrewHurley :slight_smile:

I have notified our engineers about getting this issue re-prioritized, and we will do our best to have it addressed soon. One of the reasons this hasn’t been fixed sooner is it not an easy fix as it will more than likely require a serious Slate refactor.

Thank you,

FYI all, looks like a duplicate of this was marked as fixed in the latest 4.13 Preview 2. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-29885)