4.11 Scale Issue

I am having a major issue when scaling multiple items at the same time. Instead of everything getting smaller/larger at the same rate like it should it is instead turning everything into one big blob. Below are Before and After Shots


Hi Munthrek,

Thank you, I’ve submitted UE-30013 for this to be tracked. There looks to have been a change from 4.10 where when you selected actors and scaled them they wouldn’t adhere to using Snap features whereas starting with 4.11 it will use snap features for the scaling.

Do note that this only happens if you scale the selected meshes down to 0 or a negative value will they group together at the last selected actors pivot location and then rescaling back up to a positive value has no effect leaving them in this location. As a workaround, you can disable snap when you need to scale multiple actors for the time being.

Thank you for the report!