4.11 Released!

does 4.11 work with VS 2015 update 2 ?

Amazing stuff, merging it right now! Looking forward some testing for speedup and Epic new features. Thank you Epic for all this!

Very nice update ! Congrats to all epic team and contributors!

One comment so far , the Stereo panoramic movie capture plugin dont start capturing any more while using “SP.PanoramicMovie” or “SP.PanoramicScreenshot” like we found it did en preview 7. What do we need to do now to make it work again ? Is there any docs explaining use of this ? Thanks again!

Update: It works ! Just found that you need to disable " instanced Stereo" in Project Settings > Rendering cause it seems to be incompatible with panoramic capture

Index finger sore from scrolling down. Must wait for Lactic Acid flush.
Amazing as always, Epic!

Nice update! Any word on character examples models/scenes using the new stuff?

No notes for the BP->C++ converter? :open_mouth:

mightn’t be fully implemented yet maybe?

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy the 4.11.0 release! We have worked hard to resolve issues during its Preview cycle; but as always, if you do find a bug that you can reproduce:

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find to the UE4 Answerhub

Thanks! :smiley:


Look change might need retweaking of the materials"

Could we get some specifics about this?

Content Examples for Hair, Eyes, and Cloth

Hi all, I’ve spotted a few people ask where the examples for the new Hair, Eye, and Cloth shaders are. Answers have been provided by others, but I want to try to highlight that here.

  1. In the Epic Games Launcher, on the Unreal Engine tab, navigate to the Learn page.
  2. Under ‘Engine Feature Samples’, download the Content Examples project for 4.11. Make and open a new project from it.
  3. The Hair and Eye examples are located in the new Character_Rendering map
  4. The Cloth shader is located in the existing Cloth map, where the existing materials have been updated.


Awesome! Thanks!

Sexy as hell Content Examples, thank you!

Didn’t notice those cloth examples, they look great! Now I just wish APEX worked with Blender… :rolleyes:

Looking at the notes in the CL this was a fix for ScreenSpaceSubsurfaceScattering artifacts.

This would explain the need to retweak materials to get the look you need.

Super awesome update guys!

One weird issue I found is that all of my VR projects my character is now suddenly shorter. I am guessing this is due to the “VR HEAD MOUNTED DISPLAY CAMERA IMPROVEMENTS” Maybe I just need to add +Z to the camera when using a rift.

Sounds like this

When you’re right, you’re right. And you Sir, are right.

There doesn’t seem to be any problem there. No red message when I choose to create a C++ new project.

Awesome release, so many cool features for characters!!! Thanks a lot!

Another incredible release, huge thanks to all at Epic for the continued awesome work! :slight_smile: