4.11 preview 7 Stereo Panoramic export works!

@Talismansa Are you running this as a console command? if you are don’t do that. Instead make a shortcut to your engine .exe and insert -usefixedtimestep fps=60 into the target with a space after whats already there.

Has anyone figured out what this plugin is dependent on as far as hardware? To give a reference point i am running i7 with 32 gb ram and sli gtx 1080s. On top of that the unreal project is running form a 850 evo ssd. The reason i ask is i originally started with one gtx 1080 then applied sli with no improvement to render time. I then noticed the hard drive i was running from was at 100% in task manager, so i copied the project to a new ssd and and ran from there and still no improvement on render time. Im starting to believe it is memory related because up to this point my memory has been at 50 % the entire process.

@KyleTimeFireVr I’m currently loading the game and then executing the following level blueprint:

Where can I find the engine.exe

And after I insert the commands into the target field, do I still continue to use my blueprint, but just remove the console command with the usefixedtimestep?

it is your /project/Engine/Binaries/Win64/ue4editor.exe right click it make a shortcut of it. right click the new shortcut and in the target after what is default set there. add a space then add -usefixedtimestep fps=60. and no dont use it in the blueprint at all. i know it is in a different language if you follow the images in this post it will explain it better than can through text.

Looking good, dont undestand anything tho.

Any of you guys have tried with Nvidia Ansel? So far I can take Screenshots but not sure about an entire video :confused:

I have not tried Ansel. I will look into it.

Unfortunately Ansel only seems to be available for certain provided games and it doesn’t shoot 360 video. But other than that it awesome.

You have to add it via the target of a shortcut you make for the project. see the end of this thread for details.

Ansel is excelent, but it seams that one can not control it to shot frame by frame wihin a blueprint, for instance.
If we could, it would be the final answer for our dreams.

Hi Gforman
I’m interested to see your plug, can you contact me please?
Thank you

Hi everyone,
I’m still struggling to maintain a fixed fps playing a level sequence while capturing a stereoscopic 360 video using Ue 4.14

I have a simple 300 frames at 30 fps level sequence with a camera moving forward.
When launching the stereo capture, first frame reads fine, but the animation keeps playing while the frame is being calculated
Ending up being way too early, in fact, the sequence reaches its end at the 3rd rendered frame …

I tried the many different solutions proposed in the forums various threads about it :

  • Launching Unreal Editor with a shortcut followed by -usefixedtimestep flag
  • Launching PIE as standalone with -usefixedtimestep in the advanced settings additional launch parameters
  • Using -usefixedtimestep as a console command ( even if I think it’s not supposed to work this way )
  • Setting the fixed frame rate directly in the rendering settings of UE
  • Setting the Forced fixed frame rate in the level sequencer general options
    Last thing I didn’t try was to cook the game and launch it with the -usefixedtimestep flag
    ( But I don’t think it would solve the problem as the editor seems to correctly get the fixed framerate as well, but doesn’t send it to stereo capture.)

I feel like I’m running out of options…
Has anyone successfully rendered a level sequence at a correct framerate with the stereo capture plugin inside UE 4.14 ?
Am I missing something ?
Thanks for your help.

Edit : Also posted on answerhub :

@ Ertayle

having the same problem with UE4.14.2. Any solutions?

I just saw the video of @NeverEver575 and he doesn’t have a problem that I do have:
I just need screenshots, no videos, but the problem is that the glow from my windows (it is inside a plane) is giving me weird vertical bands, smaller as I make smaller the horizontal turning increment, but still there they are.
Also I am having 2 horizontal bands, I have tried changing the SP.VerticalAngularIncrement to about 30, but still nothing…
Does anyone know how could I get rid of that banding problem from the glow from the windows and the banding?



Post Process Lens Flare must be unchecked (value 0.0), cuz is not supported in stereopanoramic render.

@rayjaken, Post Process Lens Flare must be unchecked (value 0.0), cuz is not supported in stereopanoramic render.

Hi @Fredroxin! Thank you.

Lens flare are unchecked. This effect is Bloom effect, which is another one. There must be a way to get it working, this kind of glare, are @NeverEver575 does in his video, and also as you can see in Unreal blog where they explain how to use stereoscopic captures.

They show this effect in the fire, and I don’t know how to get it working fine… :frowning:

Did you tried SP.VerticalAngularIncrement Low than 30.0f? Actually i get good results with this parameters:

SP.HorizontalAngularIncrement 2.0f
SP.VerticalAngularIncrement 8.0f
SP.CaptureHorizontalFOV 30f
SP.ConcurrentCaptures 10
SP.StepCaptureWidth 2048
SP.ShouldOverrideInitialYaw false


OMG your model is amazing!

I have been tryinig with all kind of different values, and I don’t get to get rid of that effect… I will try with your specific values and check is it looks any better… Will let you know!

Thanks a lot!

Also, try to use a emissive only, sometimes a highest value in light intensity can generate issues.

pd: Ty! :smiley: