4.11 p5 mobile black - GL_EXT shader fail

Hi guys!

After installing 4.11 pre 5 any project launched or built to mobile fails to compile shaders and “stops rendering” / screen goes black / game stops.

nvpack monitor gives me this
LogRHI:Error: Shader compile failed: 0:3: P0001: Macro name ‘GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch’ reserved

Project worked fine under 4.11 pre 4

This is also tested and yeilds same “error” with a new / blank project.

Should i update anything with androidworks with preview 5? I reinstalled everything , engine and androidworks but i get the same results.

Any help / pointers appreciated.

Could you tell us on what device you saw that error and Android version? As a temporary fix you could remove this code

AppendCString(GlslCode, “#undef GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch\n”);

in OpenGLShaders.cpp

We will add a proper fix before 4.11 release.


ill try that fix after work, ill let you know.
im testing this on a samsung g5 ( G Alpha SMg850F )

hi again ddvlost

removing that line indeed fixed it. Thank you.

with build 4.11 pre 6 this is fixed.