4.11 P2 - The "S" key gets stuck

Been having this problem where the “S” key seems to get stuck on the keyboard randomly and I think I’ve tracked down when it happens.

It seems to happen when pressing “Ctrl S” to save all. Something actually has to save, if you do it and nothing saves, it won’t get stuck, but if something saves, it will get stuck. So then, after that, when I press mouse left or mouse right, the camera would start flying backwards without touching the keyboard. To recover, I can tap “S” again while holding mouse left or right.

Hi Obihb,

I am closing this post as a duplicate of the bug reported here: Weird Camera Behavior After Saving A Project/Asset which has already been reported as JIRA [UE-25568]

I have added a link to this post to the bug report as well as your additional details. Please refer to the previous post for updates on the status of this bug.

Thanks for your input on this issue,


Awesome, thank you .