4.11 issue - Play in editor looses mouse input

In my project I use InputAxis and InputAction to move my camera while holding mouse button. It worked fine with 4.10.

But since I upgraded to 4.11 it only works until the mouse release.
I press the mouse, move around - everything works fine - then I release the mouse button, press it again and nothing happens.

Watch on InputAxis shows that Axis Value is always zero. Even though it shouldn’t be, and it’s not until the first time I release the mouse button.

Any ideas how to fix it?

This is a current 4.11 bug. The behavior is even inconsistent from a 4.10 conversion to 4.11.

4.11 Fresh - Mouse Axis values are 0 after Left/Right mouse up event, regardless of ShowMouseCursor.
4.10 Converted to 4.11 - The above is true only while ShowMouseCursor is true.

Either wait till they fix a super obvious bug that never should have made it past QA, or use a 4.10 project and convert to 4.11 and implement your own temporary mouse cursor.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll wait for a hotfix, no rush. Good to know it’s an actual bug and not me breaking something by accident, hehe

Epic may prioritize this issue higher if more people posted about it in 4.11 thread!/page4
Let them know there that you are also having this issue