4.11 Hair Shader Pack? Anyone Selling One?

We’re looking to buy male and female hair models using the 4.11 hair shader – and not seeing it in the marketplace. Does anyone have a pack, or want a first client for one they are developing?

Look into content examples - there are 2 example hair styles. I think you could easly make something out of it on your own.

I had an idea someday ago to make some hair styles for marketplace, but don’t have enough time to do this.

I didn’t see any example hair styles in the UE4.11 content example project. From what I found it’s just a feather model that shows the material being used on a few hair feathers. Where are these example hair styles located that you are referring to?

I meant this one:


It’s in character rendering level.
I thought there is more then one

Yea those are just a clump of feathers. There really isn’t any actual hair styles in the content pack. Just that example clump.

So no packs for sale. Unfortunate.