4.11 engine

hi are we supposed to report bugs we find in the preview 4.11 build or not bother yet as its not finished?

i have a strange problem with the preview perspective camera but not sure if its a known issue or not etc.


this is what the preview window looks like in the anim blueeprints but it also happens when viewing skeletons or static meshes for example.
this ONLY happens in the PERSPECTIVE camera view.

so if i change it to front for example it works like this


anyone else experience this, should i report it and if so where and how do i do that ??


If you think you have found a bug feel free to post it!

  1. We don’t have access to the internal bug tracking system ( JIRA ).
    So do a quick check of these sources to see if its known

  2. EDIT: Here is a great post by Stephen :slight_smile:

Note: it may take a day or two to respond, staff may be on vacation/sick/enjoying the weekend :slight_smile:

If you can replicate the issue its highly encouraged to report it, even if it is already known you may be able to add feedback :slight_smile: