[4.11.2] Audio Component never finishes

We are using an auto destroy functionality at many places in our project. This worked for a long time, but recently many object are not destroyed anymore. After taking a closer look into this, the problem seems to happen when an actor starts its life with an audio component with “Sound” = “None” and “Auto Activate” = “true” (both is the default!). In this setup UAudioComponent::PlayInternal() is called while initializing and increases UAudioComponent::ActiveCount, although “Sound” is a nullptr. This nullptr-sound never finishes, even when a valid sound is assigned and started later, so the component is considered “IsPlaying” forever.
We could workaround this problem by finding all Audio Components with this setup, but sooner or later some audio artist will probably create such a setup again without noticing.

I have a similar problem in my project.
My player class has a sound emitter for his voice and can only speak when not already speaking. I has always worked like this but since 4.11 it doesn’t anymore.
I suspect it’s a problem coming from the version.

Hey guys,

There were some known issues caught and reported for audio system that sound very related to your own issues you are reporting. These were immediately fixed and integrated into the 4.12 preview releases, so if you wouldn’t mind testing to see if the issue persists there as well, we can continue to troubleshoot this issue.

Thank you,

I can confirm, the error does not occur in UE 4.12 P3, using the test setup above :slight_smile: