4.10BUG on mobile(ios)

Everything is ok in both editor and mobile preview.But when I package the game(only checked the metal not the es2) and run it on iphone6 plus(ios9),many things are broken which never happens in 4.9.2 or before:

  1. DOF are blurred on whole screen regardless the settings in the focal region and focal distance.
  2. some translucent materials won’t show
  3. some particles won’t show

PS I have built lighting already.And I have successflly reproduced these bugs in a clean new project.

Thanks very much!

Hi -

I was able to replicate your DOF issue and have entered a bug report as UE-22202. I have still been unable to replicate the Translucent and Particles issue though. Can you provide any more detail as to the type and nature of those assets which are not showing up for you.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thank you.I have create a project to show the bugs I have come across:
Here,you could see the floor doesn’t show water material on ios,and the bubble particle doesn’t show bubble on ios devices.

I wanted to let you know I have gotten your project and am running the tests today.

Thank you for your help -

Eric Ketchum

Any new information now?Thanks

I am still running tests trying to reproduce. We ran into an internal build issue that we needed to straighten out before I could finish testing.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thanks for testing for me.I have upgarded to 4.10p2 but still encountered those issues.

So I have reproduced the issue internally and have posted the Rendering issue as UE-22523.

Thank you for your help and patience -

Eric Ketchum

Thanks for your great work! They all have been fixed in 4.10 p3.Thanks very much!