4.10 update has a really bad rendering issue with large worlds

I have created a large 4km² world filled with around 500.000 Objects. Mostly foliage.
The detail is amazing as my horse is but since 4.10 the framerate is complete 0.

With 4.9 on lowest graphics i could easily work on my map but since the update it is impossible.
If i just watch a tiny bit with the camera on my island the framerate goes below 0.

I cant do anything on the map, the only chance is that i get finally more RAM.

But that wasnt neccessary before… it worked before. What happened?

I got similar problem with 4.10.
4.9 was using just 50% of my RAM,now 4.10 on the same project is using 90% and when I hit play I need to wait a lot to get it started.

im getting more ram maybe christmas. So this is unsolved but frozen. Since i got nothing else to say about this :smiley: