[4.10] Structs pins results in mass disconnection and blueprint corruption

Branch: Launcher Build 4.10.4

Build version: Official Launcher Build 4.10.4

Detailed description of the issue: I have a huge inventory system, every time i change a struct the pins break in different ways. Changing a mainstruct results in heavy data corruption and engine damages like a broken foreachloop.

Repro Steps

Action 1 (Change struct)

Action 2 (work struct into system)

Action 3 (restart project)

Happens always after same schematic but seems to differ from PC to PC.

System Specs: Laptop i7, 8gb HDD. Suitable for unreal but not perfect… its my school pc and not my real pc. Real pc is worse.

I can send you the complete project, its very dear to me and i would risk it for this error to be finally fixed for once and for all. PLS post back i cant develop any further and i already read all the old threads and done fixing steps that didnt worekd. :c


  • Have you been able to reproduce this issue in a clean project, or is it only occurring in your main project?
  • If you have not been able to reproduce the issue, could you please zip up your project, upload it to dropbox and send me a PM on the forums with the link?

Here is my forum link: https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?160394-Sean-Flint

I have spent some time performing a few tests with structs, but I haven’t been seeing my pins disconnecting, so it may have something to do with your setup, or just a particularly complex setup in general, which is why I think it’d be valuable to take a look at your setup, specifically.

Thank you.

So, basicly i would send you the project. But im not home currently… so i cant upload a 5 gbs zip file.
I think its basicly this:

I found that later… but its the same bug, mine is just further into.
So i guess i have to wait for his critical bug to be fixed :frowning:
Wich is extremly bad since i cant do anything now with my project.

I just got answer from unrealalexander wich is very good, you are already working on that bug HIGH PRI. So i think thats good and i just have to wait. You guys are awesome. :slight_smile:

Still broken.

Stephen ellis told me to come here.
I just add this video now wich i recorded long ago so i can show you the error.
I cant believe i have todo this again! After all this trouble and work!

Pls help!