4.10 release incompatible with 4.10 pre-release

I updated my Linux copy of 4.10 from a pre-release version to the new 4.10 release. What I found is that the two are incompatible with each other – namely, the package versions are different. The pre-release used package version 487 and the release version is 482. The editor will not load assets of later versions which means I am unable to load about 2/3 of my assets. This includes animations, maps, and blueprints.

The problem seems to be with changes that took place in the EUnrealEngineObjectUE4Version enum table in ObjectVersion.h. I tried adding some dummy entries to the table to force the version up to 487, but that just caused other asserts to trip.

This is really annoying. I have weeks of work which is now inaccessible and unusable.