4.10 Previews keeps rebuilding DDC at project load

I converted a BP-project from 4.9 to 4.10 Preview (Launcher Version) and it keeps rebuilding the DerivedDataCache at project load.
At first, i thought it was because I changed the path for “Local” in BaseEngine.ini under “InstalledDerivedDataBackendGraph”
but I reverted it to:
“Path=”%ENGINEVERSIONAGNOSTICUSERDIR%DerivedDataCache"" to no avail.

I also got these warning messages A LOT! :

LogDerivedDataCache:Warning: FDerivedDataBackendAsyncPutWrapper:

Put failed, keeping in memory copy TEXTURE_814DCC3DC72143F49509781513CB9855_BC5_12A6CAD142B78D48DCBD3887C091040A___82DEE4C828A98509F49C65367156EDED08EC7C76.

Edit: I also get this warning messages in a fresh BP-Project (FP-Template) for every texture when building shaders

Hello -

Can you confirm a few things for me? Can you reproduce this with any of the templates or Learn Tab Projects like Reflections etc or is this only happening in one project for you? Also are you opening a copy of said project or converting in place, or right clicking and switching engine versions?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric, Thank you for taking the time! You can mark this report as Answered/Done. I reverted the wrong BaseEngine.ini and it is fine, now. Feel stupid about this as I really try not to report Bugs too fast and always try to make sure the mistake is not on my end. And i was skeptical about the DDC from the beginning because I messed around with it and no one else had problems! Now it turns out, I reverted the wrong BaseEngine.ini. Thank you very much for your time!