4.10 HUD scaled wrong when launched on iPhone

So, the title says all - the HUD is not scaled properly on iPhone. It seems that the HUD is scaled for portrait, and when I launch the game on the iPhone I will get half a second splash screen in portrait mode and then it will turn to landscape, despite having only landscape enabled. What could be causing this problem?
Here is in the mobile preview:

And this is the screenshot of the iPhone version:

Are you using UMG for the hud?

If you’re using UMG, perhaps you should check the ‘Anchor’ for the UMG elements.


Yes, everything is anchored. But you can see that the problem is not just in the hud, the graphics are also pixelated. It was all fine with 4.9 version…

Check your mobile content scale factor.

That scale is applied to the viewport, which UMG uses to determine the DPI scale to apply. So if you’re expecting the full res of the device, you may not get it on the device depending on the content scale for it.