4.10 Editor Won't Open

Hello everyone,

When ever I attempt to run my editor it starts initializing but stops around 72%. This happens whenever I try to launch the editor from the App or Visual Studios. The project compiles just fine and was previously running. I have tried a few things that I’ll list:

  1. I changed the new code I added in back to a previous working version and it compiled fine but still does not run. (all I added was a UFunction to one actor)

  2. I re-generated the Visual Studios project still no change

  3. Got desperate and totally just left it running over night and no change

I have attached my log file that will hopefully give some insight to my problem. If you have any questions please ask away I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability.


  • Try deleting the Saved and Intermediate folders from the project, and opening it again.
  • Are you able to open a clean project successfully?
  • Could you please provide your dxdiag?
  • I have deleted both the save and intermediate folders to no avail
  • I am able to open a clean project successfully with out fail
  • Here is my DxDiag

Since it is only occurring in one project, could you please zip up the project and upload it to Dropbox, and then provide a link so I can download and look further into why the project is not opening.

You can PM me the link on the forums if you’re concerned about privacy: https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?160394-Sean-Flint

I have a couple of suggestions:

  • Have you tried opening a copy of the project in 4.12? If not, go ahead and try this now.
  • Have you ensured that your project is building without errors in Visual Studio? I am getting error messages when I try to compile it, so I’m curious to see if you are seeing the same thing on your end.

I’m currently at work so when I get home I’ll definitely try opening it in 4.12. As for compilation error I have none on my end. What error were you getting if I may ask?

Alright Sean I have first of all you may have to just Generate Visual Studios project files. I believe when I tried some of the things you suggested it might have needed to generate the project files. After this hopefully it should compile just fine it did on my end. Second I tried to open it up with 4.12 to once again no avail.


After looking at the project, the good news is I got it to open again by commenting out all of the code that you have in your classes. What you’ll need to do from here is attempt to determine which code is causing the project to hang when you try to open it. I’d recommend going in an commenting out one function at a time, building, and then opening the project. When the project opens successfully, you’ll be able to determine which function is causing the issue.

Have a great day