[4.10] Crash Editor when importing fbx

The title say it all . The fbx importing just fine in 4.9.2 but crash in 4.10.0 Here is the file :
link text

Anyone show me how to work around this issue at the moment ?

Hi Lam Vu -

Thank you for your report, we are tracking this issue as UE-22956. As we investigate a solution, I will keep you informed here.

Eric Ketchum

If you’re using the github version, apply the following changes to fix the crash:


Im using the binary version but i’ll try someday. Thanks for your help ^ ^

Hello -

While manoelneto commit does fix some issues with Static Mesh imports, this particular issue has to do with Skeletal Mesh Animation imports and the commit will not correct this crash. We are still actively looking for a fix for this issue -

Thank You

Eric Ketchum