4.10 assert when reopening current level (PIE)


When my player dies I’ve been using Open Level (in a Blue Print) to reload the current level. In previous engine versions this has worked fine both in PIE and Standalone.
I’ve just noticed that in 4.10 the engine asserts when failing to find a PKG_PlayInEditor flag, and if I step over this, it fails a later check in UEditorEngine::Tick, I suspect due to bIsSimulatingInEditor being 0 rather than 1.

Opening a different level, rather than reloading the current one, doesn’t have the same issue when PIE.

Running the same project standalone doesn’t encounter these checks, and seems to work as expected.

Could this be related to UE-18588? I don’t know where I might look to check the current status of a reported bug/issue.


The 4.10.4 update seems to have fixed this issue.

Hi Gavin1969,

The error you were receiving was due to another issue, UE-27124. The hotfix today was specifically for this fix. Please let us know if you have any more trouble with this bug and we’ll be happy to take another look!

Hi, I’m having this issue with 4.12.4, what is causing it and how can I fix it? Thanks