[4.10.4] Know where the coin was collected

How can I know where my coins were collected? ( In Vector 2D ), I figured out about the “Project World To Screen”, I tried it and I saw there is a offset in it, however, the offset occures because I change my content position on viewport by using Vector2D Interpolation ( in my Widget - the only way is using the position from the transform variable ), is there any way of transforming the Screen Position to the Transform Position?

EXAMPLE: ( Any lego Game )


use the Convert Screen Location to World Space node inside your player controller.

I am trying to transform Exact Screen Location to Translation, I used Convert World Space To Screen Location to get where was the coin collected, it works, however, as my widget needs to use the translation, I need a way to convert it, my widget object pos is: 960 540 with Anchor in middle of screen.

What do you need to convert? Between the two nodes you should have everything you need in order to make what you want happen.

The Coin image in widget is anchored, is there a way to transfor the recieved data and transform it to anchored? ( Absolute Screen Pos → Anchored Screen Pos )

As far as I know there is no such thing as an anchored screen position. It wouldn’t make sense to have it because then the screen would have to know each widget and each widget’s anchor point.

You should be able to do what you want with screen position alone.