4.10.4 Hotfix Released

The 4.10.4 Hotfix is now live! It corrects an issue with the previous release (4.10.3), details for both releases are below.

The 4.10.3 Hotfix resolves 16 issues and further helps to solidify what is already one of our most stable UE4 releases, and resolves a few major issues as well as a common installation error. Feel free to continue the discussion about this release on the 4.10 announcement thread. Other recent fixes that could not be merged into the 4.10 branch will be available in the upcoming 4.11 release.

If you experience a bug with the 4.10.3 Hotfix, please remember to log a bug report for the issue on the UE4 AnswerHub to the Bug Reports section.

Notice for source-code users: please use GitHub Tags to download 4.10.3 instead of syncing the Release branch. The Github Release branch is inadvertently using code for the 4.11 Preview.

Fixed in 4.10.3- CL#2866931

Fixed! OPP-4947 Installation Error code R-1638 / Unable to upgrade to 4.10.1 through launcher if 4.11 has been installed
Fixed! UE-13030 Crash related to loading sub-level - UEngine::LoadMap()
Fixed! UE-22075 Crash on compile when nodes use same name - FPersistentFrameCollectorArchive::operator<<()
Fixed! UE-22696 Crash on importing specific Skeletal FBX exported with FBX2016
Fixed! UE-22921 Parenting multiple actors under border crashes editor
Fixed! UE-23373 Crash occurs opening some animations - TSharedMapView<FName,FString>::Find()
Fixed! UE-23785 Crash in UE4Editor_Core!FSlowTask::GetCurrentMessage()
Fixed! UE-24169 Crash in PlayerInput.cpp - UPlayerInput::ProcessInputStack()
Fixed! UE-24443 Potential Crash When Migrating Assets - FGenericPlatformString::LogBogusChars<wchar_t,char>()
Fixed! UE-26315 Crash in UE4Editor_Engine!UActorComponent::BeginPlay()
Fixed! UE-26872 Loc gathering can crash in 4.10
Fixed! UE-23231 Can’t Upload iOS build signed on PC
Fixed! UE-24972 VR headtracking locked on game start for some templates
Fixed! UE-26158 bIsActorBeingDestroyed incorrectly Commented out
Fixed! UE-26657 Regression on sprite import improvements from 4.9
Fixed! UE-26903 Loc dashboard doesn’t export native translations when exporting a single culture

The 4.10.4 Hotfix is now live! This Hotfix corrects an issue that was unintentionally caused by the previous update. We apologize for any difficulties this may have caused.

Fixed in 4.10.4- CL#2872498

Fixed! UE-27124 Switching levels via blueprints crashes editor