4.10.3 - Structs can't be edited!

I’m not sure if this error just started in 4.10.3 because I haven’t tried to edit a struct in a while, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t having this problem earlier in 4.10.

If I open a struct in my map (whether it’s a newly created struct or one of my previous ones) the contents show up completely blank, and I cannot modify anything. My structs that exist are continuing to function normally, retaining the variables they had before for the purposes of blueprints and such that reference them - but the actual struct window for them shows nothing at all, and so there’s no way to configure the variables, remove them, or add new ones.


Hi DylanBrady, Go to Window>Reset Layout>ok and let this run (save data before doing so), it looks like you closed the structure window within the struct, resetting this should fix the error you are seeing. If it does not please select Windows and see if you have “Member Variables” set to true, if not set this to true and it should repopulate the window.