[4.10.2]: Can't create event track in timeline

For some reason, it’s not possible to create an event track inside a timeline on 4.10 anymore.


  • Create timeline in level blueprint, set to 30 seconds
  • Create float track, add two keys (0,0), (30,1)
  • Create event track

(UE4 creates float track instead)

Video demonstration:

Hi ,

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to occur on my end. When I create an event track it is completely different than a float track (see image below). Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content?

Rollback: It works indeed, it’s just a strange GUI. I assumed I could give individual names to the events which would create an additional node on the timeline (like in matinee). My fault.

Everything seems ok.

Hi ,

I’m happy to hear this is working on your end as well. I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes.