4.10.2 and VS 2015 update 1

Does someone want to actually say what’s broken about this? I moved to update 1 last week and haven’t had any problems. Should I avoid 4.10.2?

No problems here either, but I’m using the GitHub version. Actually, Update 1 makes Intellisense somewhat bearable with UE4 now.

I’ve been suing VS2015 Update 1 with 4.10.1 and didn’t find any issues. Any idea of what’s going on with 4.10.2 ?

I wouldn’t recommend to move to Update 1 especially if you can read in 4.10.2 Release Note:

Important Note - ‘VisualStudio2015 Update 1’ is not compatible with the UE 4.10 release. Please do not update to VisualStudio2015 Update 1 while using UE 4.10.2”

I read the notes and came straight here and asked why. Clearly a lot of us are on 4.10 with update 1 and we want to know the significance.

Wait what ? How is 4.10.2 not supported with 2015 community update 1 ? I’m using both without a single hitch.

We upgraded VS2015 Enterprise to Update 1 during 4.10.1, with few minor hiccups that required deletion of files (from Intermediates) that compiler was complaining about. No problems otherwise.

Just tested with 4.10.2, and no problems at all. Seamless upgrade of engine. Not sure what reported issues are…

Same here, I just had to delete some PCH files, which is usually the case when a Visual Studio update brings changes to the system SDK (same thing happens in OSX with every XCode update).

Now that I think about it, that might cause problems with the launcher version, since it uses precompiled libraries.

I’ll bite the bullet and upgrade from 4.10.1 to 4.10.2, launcher version.
I’m using VS2015 update 1.

I’ll tell you how it goes when it’s done.

I’m using VS2015 Update 1 with 4.10.2 launcher version. It has no problem.

On 4.10.0 here, VS2015 Update 1. Also using incredibuild. When rebuilding the engine, link.exe almost always hangs on one of the modules. Could be related?

I just tried going back to VS 2013 and I didn’t run into any issues. I noticed that Incredibuild didn’t try to run link.exe on remote machines in 2013 for .dll files. 2015 (Update 1) was trying to link on remote machines, however.

Ok nevermind spoke too soon, 2013 also calls link.exe on remote machines but doesn’t hang like 2015 Update 1 does. Hmm…

Check my post on UDN, it’s resolved by adding “/no_watchdog_thread” to incredibuild.


That explains it, thanks for the update Trout!

Sorry to revive this thread, but I am having the exact same issue, and the provided link is not working for me. Can you explain how you add “/no_watchdog_thread” ?

That is probably a command line argument, Just insert it in the “Target” box of the shortcut after whatever is already in the text box.