4.10.0 unreal consumes a lot memory

4.10.0 and 4.9.2 unreal consumes a lot memory. (and maybe older versions).
I have found a bug ! Watch this video : https://youtu.be/bpaFhe2a_y4
I rack up 8Gb of ram usage after 1 hour, used only small blueprint script, no open levels.

There is clearly a memory leak. When it correct?

I haven’t had UE4 use anywhere near that much ram. Let me ask real quick though, C++ or blueprint project?

Empty C++ project about 4gb. Empty Blueprint project about 2 gb.

We rack up 9-15Gb of ram usage after 20-30 minutes. Usage would be simple blueprint graph editing, or ‘data only’ blueprint values editing.

In fact it seems that there is a memory leak, after some PIE tests, my memory is full and windows switch to the pagefile.sys (really bad performances in this case ><)

I notice similar issue after I have changed my 4.9 project to 4.10. Play attempt in any mode after project launch leads to freezing the editor for some time and “eating” memory up to 3.5 - 4 GB.

I have found a bug !
Watch this video : https://youtu.be/bpaFhe2a_y4

Hello everyone,

Thank you for reporting this issue, however this issue has already been reported under the bug number UE-21203. We are currently looking into the issue and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Have a nice day!

Thanks , looking at 4.9.1 Memory Leak - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums that references the same number (UE-21203) I suspect this to be different bug since it wasn’t present in 4.9.x Memory use went up from 4.8 to 4.9 but not nearly as much as it is now…

We’re currently looking into if they are different problems but at the moment we believe that they are both symptoms of the same issue. Thank you for your concern.

I may have some additional information that may help you find the bug faster:

I found that the fastest way to consume memory is to simply move around the view port in the blueprint editor. Doing this rapidly (simply holding down the right mouse button, moving the mouse around) I can increase memory consumption by 100+ megabytes per second.

This way the editor goes from 1.5gigs of memory use to 14 gigs in about a minute. No need to open/close any blueprints whatsoever.

I’m having the same memory leak issues, although not on the same scale as some. My projects rarely break 3GB’s and I often have the editor running for days on end. Now I have to shut it down and restart it every few hours to stop it from breaking 6GB’s and the limits of my 8GB system. I’ve seen it slowly eat up 32k to 512k every second, just sitting there doing nothing.

Since my project is procedurally generated, there is NOTHING on my main editor window until the game is ran. So there is no Real-Time Preview here, no texture maps doing their thing, there is just Nav box and a Lighting Importance box. Even so, it eats away memory.

I can’t find any cause either. No particular blueprint seems to do more or less. It’s all very random.

Have you guys gotten anywhere with figuring out this memory leak issue?

Hello ,

The bug report for this issue is marked as fixed. The change has been included in the latest 4.11 Preview and the issue shouldn’t occur there. I would give you a Github commit so that you could merge the change into a source version of the engine but this was an inadvertent fix and the exact commit isn’t known. With our current knowledge, we only know that it doesn’t occur past that point.

This clearly still is not fixed as I am on 4.12 and my project eats up around 15Gig of ram after a while

It happens every time I use UE4, I do get crashing sometimes but not that often. Im running Nvida GTX 970, 16Gig DDR3, Intel i5 3.4GHz I just wish I could find a way to reduce the amount of memory it is eating as it is impossible to work with it and I have to reboot my machine to get the memory back

Hello KYE Creations,

Does this only happen with a particular project or is it in every project that you work with? You should never need to reboot to free the memory. If you ever need to do so, you can open up the Task Manager, look for any Unreal Editor related processes, and end those processes instead of restarting.

Its just the one project and yes I have started to end the processes instead of restarting, if it is my project i’m not sure what is causing it as there is not a lot in it apart from the landscape and material some foliage and some static meshes but ive only completed a small part of the map, so i need to nip this in the bud before it gets any bigger.

If it’s only happening with that project, there could be some memory allocation problems somewhere, so we should try to debug those. Could you take a look at this article and try looking at your memreport to see where this memory is being allocated?

I have attached the report, it is using a lot of memory but see what i need to change I am lost lol
Memory Report