3rd year undergrad experiencing regular crashes while sequencing....

I know you guys probably get a lot of these questions about features that aren’t the main focus of the engine.

For me, it is sequencing. Particularly when working in sequences with baked control rigs and multiple actors:

  1. UE seems to crash every 4th or 5th recording of a metahuman ARKit recording using livelink while directly recording into a sequence

  2. trying to record sequences with animations that are baked to control rigs seems to crash regularly

The above issues seem to be mitigated easily by saving and re-opening often, but I honestly wonder if this is a software I want to use in a professional career (I am a CS major and think that the majority of the crashes I’ve experienced would be situations I would have tested thoroughly in stuff I implemented myself) and have considered the possibility that I have used UE for stuff that isn’t the regular use case. At any rate, I would love the opportunity to improve the engine if anyone has interest in these areas.