3rd Person; WIP Title: Velociraptor

I am working on a third-person adventure game as my first UE game.

The main idea behind it is that I would attach a few mechanics to the basic third person blueprints, change the models, and design the levels for the game.
Of course, it’s my first game, so easier said than done. One of my first problems was with making more levels.

I first tried making a whole new level, and can’t really figure out how to get the player to start properly, with either the character being pushed around a little with having his model duplicated. Then, I removed the duplicate of the model and the game starts in the centre, right in the middle of a box.
So, I instead tried duplicating the original level, and move around a few things, but unfortunately I gotten wonky lighting errors just by moving the bump static mesh.

In short this was a frustrating experience and I was hoping for some tips. I would update my current situation on this project every week if I can.

Does anyone have suggestions to solve my problems?

Ah you should have postet that in the BP section or something like that. I first thought i would see some WiP clicking on your thread. :smiley:

Creating new maps should be easy. There are 2 methods to spawn a character. You either define your own GameMode and for the DefaultPawnClass you select your PlayerBlueprint. Then you can put in a PlayerStart where you want to spawn.
Or you leave the DefaultPawn empty and use the SpawnActorFromClass to spawn your Player at a specific location. Remember to possess the pawn with the Controller after spawning it.

Lighting looks ugly because you need tp rebuild it when you move static things. You can do that by going to the top bar of UE4 whre Build is found and in the drop down menu, select lighting only.

I just tried making a gamemode and setting the default pawn there, then using game mode override in the level so the new game mode uses that default pawn setting, and got the same problem as before I made those changes. Is there anything I am doing wrong?