3rd person view

Is it possible to move the camera in 3rd person view so that it looks like first person view?

Additionally are there any other player character models particularly larger ones or different coloured that can be used for free, if so how do I get them to work in game?

Take a look at this video: :slight_smile:

Ah Ok Thanks!

If you don’t already have them you can download the Mixamo character pack from the marketplace for free.

You’ll have to install UE 4.5 and migrate them to your 4.7 projects.

I’m currently running 4.71, I wonder how difficult it would be from going from 4.5 to 4.71?

I did it this morning. It’s really simple. Just install 4.5.1 in your launcher. Download the mixamo pack from the marketplace. Create a new project using 4.5, add the mixamo stuff, then migrate it from there to your 4.7 project. It works fine. :slight_smile:

Guys I’ve used the tutorial mentioned:v=haA6vYgbEw0
But when you play the game its like the camera moves each time the player character takes a breath, is there anyway of removing this effect as it makes you feel a bit seasick when playing.

I’d appreciate your help guys.

Asdditionally, because I’ve deleted the original 3rd person camera, when I load the project it throws up an error, how do I sort this?

Yep you’ve guessed it I’m an absolute newb…heeelp!

-either replace the idle animation
-or instead of attaching it to a socket, just move the camera forward so that it looks like a fps view (or change it with the camera boom) :slight_smile:

If You remove the socket and just put the camera in like fps will it stay there?

I think it will stay there (just try it out) :slight_smile:

Thanks guys it works!