3rd Person Traditional Survival Horror needs Programmer/Blueprint Specialist

Straight to the point:

We need a programmer/blueprint specialist (or both) who is willing to work on a traditional 3rd person Survival Horror. Not only just a programmer though, but hard working human being who also loves what they do.

We have 5 games planned for the series and we want people who are willing to grow with us over the entire period of making it. This also means you don’t have to have 5 years in the industry or a degree to get involved. We just want passionate people who want to make a fun, smooth playing 3rd person survival horror and bring the genre back into the industry, instead of having all of these HD Remakes.

We have the artists, we have the story, we have some audio.

We just need the functionality from someone who is willing to make what we need happen and grow with us over time.

Payment: (As much as I wish we could pay annually) We plan on paying the team with profit after the first release, and continue to use the same functionality as the series progresses. (Which should make it easier for the series overall)

If you are interested, please Private Message me.

Thank you!