3rd person template with fps


So I will try to keep this short and simple.

I have 3rd person template shooter, but I want it to make as a FPS, the only problem is I don’t know how to display the gun and hands properly (like in call of duty). If I attach camera to the head socket it’s still not the same as COD or even FPS template(you can bearly see the gun and no hands, I’ve tried changing the camera position a lot but the outcome was the same). I want to make it mp, so displaying full body is neccesary for me. Couldnt find a normal guide on youtube, could anyone tell me which approach should I take? Thank you

that’s because the mannequin from third person view is shooting from the hips view, not from the head, unless you go to the animation blueprint and start changing the position of the hands by yourself, and match the view you want.

but if I change the position of hands, wont they look funny from other players perspective?

They way some games do it is a FP model with just arms and gun and a TP model. There are flags under rendering that control whether you or others can see the mesh