3rd person template, how to rotate the pawn on it's z axis when moving the mouse?

I’m trying to customize the 3rd person setup. I have a 1D blendspace labeled “Turning” with an X Axis range from -1 to 1. The 0 has the idle animation, the -1 has the tun in place left animation, and the 1 has the turn in place right animation. In my Locomotion Graph I have the “Entry” connected to an “IdleTurning” state. Inside that state I have the 1D Blendspace connected to my Final Animation Pose, and I promoted the Turning to a variable called “Direction”. If I change the numeric in the “Direction” slider within the Anim Preview Editor it works fine. I’m just not sure how to connect that to the mouse rotation. Any thoughts?


Try this, it will spin your mesh when u first press Z and move your mouse. Stop spinning with mouse by pressing X.

This is a great start, thanks! The only thing is that I want the spring arm/camera to turn as well when the orbiting is off. Right now the camera is stationary and the character mesh rotates.


Now mesh rotates to opposite direction.

Edit: Misread your post, wait for fix…

If Im adding World Rotation to the capsule component, shouldn’t it rotate the children too (ie. spring arm/camera)?

Put this to tick function.

This will keep your camera behind your character when you are not rotating him. Is this what you wanted?

My overall goal is when you move the mouse left/right the character and camera rotates on the z-axis left/right together (so you’re always seeing your characters back like a typical 3rd person view). When you press and hold a button (for me it’s the right mouse button) the camera orbits so you can look at your character from various angles. Then when you let go of the mouse button, the camera “snaps” back to it’s original location (seeing your characters back like a typical 3rd person view).