3rd Person Run and Gun Adventure

Hello everyone!

The aim of this project is to create the component parts for the prototype. Once completed I’m hoping to use it to seek further funding.

Resident Evil 4/Rainbow 6
The game is a third person shooter featuring a cover system, multiple weapons and puzzle elements. When complete it will have support for four players. The game has a near future Utopian sci-fi look, though I’ve not nailed down the final aesthetic yet. Expect lots of gun-play and tense combat sections.

** Features**

  • Custom 3rd person camera and pawn controls
  • Controller/Mouse & Keyboard support
  • Weapons
  • Enemy A.I.
  • Teammate A.I.
  • Cover system


  • Blind Fire
  • Offline Split Screen and LAN Coop
  • Human players that drop out are replaced by the Team Mate A.I.
  • Online Coop

Talent Required:
I’m currently looking for a technical person (C++ and/or Blueprints) to develop the functionality of the game.

For now I’m taking care of the placeholder art and will be seeking artists at a later stage.

Previous Work:
I have previous experience as a Designer and as a Project Lead in the games industry. My past work experience includes the sadly ill-fated indie title Mech Mania (also UE4) and Minecraft Console Edition.
I’ve worked as an artist in the past and can also 3D model, rig and texture to a suitable level for prototyping.
Please contact me via PM if you’re interested just so I can keep track of everything in one place. Please include a link to previous work in UE4 and rates.

Many thanks!

Probably one of our favorite partnerships involve people that come out of the industry like you have… It’s a pleasure to work with people that know and understand what goes into making games come together so I’d be thrilled to chat some more in private about working together.