3rd Person Perspective Line of Sight Question


Notice in the attached screenshot how the players can see each other around the corner because of the camera being in a 3rd person perspective, but if they were to switch to a 1st person perspective they would not know each other was there.

I’m wanting to make it so that other characters are not drawn unless they are actually with in line of sight from a 1st person perspective.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions as to how I could make that happen?

Thank you.


Do like 3 line traces from your characters 1st person camera location, to the 2nd character. Have the 1st line trace be like 25 pixels to the left of the 2nd character, the 2nd line trace go to the middle of the 2nd character, and the 3rd line trace go slightly to the right of the 2nd character. If the blocking hit location is closer than the 2nd character, you know you can’t see the 2nd character.