3rd Person Models in FPS Game

Hi UE4 Users

I’m currently developing a multiplayer first person shooter and am having a problem with player models. The player obviously sees through a first person perspective but the problem is other players do not see a third person model, they see arms and a gun. Does anyone have any idea on how to make it so the player sees the first person model but other players see the third person model? Ideally would like to be able to do this in blueprints because I am very inexperienced with coding.
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The way that I can think of it is by having both, really. In your character blueprint, if the active player is the owner of the character, you’ll show the first person skeletal mesh, and if they are not the owner (e.g. it is another player), show the 3rd person mesh.

Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. Makes a lot of sense :slight_smile:

Do you know what nodes you would use to make this happen and how you would set up independent animations?

So basically, when you spawn the characters in the world, you’ll get the player controller and get the owner of the actor and see if they are equal. If yes, show the first person mesh; if no, show the third person mesh.


Something like that. I’m not sure of what your exact configuration looks like. I assume this is an online game, so in each instance, the active player will be controller index 0. Otherwise you’ll have to specify the correct controller index.

For animations, you can designate the animation blueprint for each skeletal mesh, so just apply the relevant one to each. When you go to retrieve your character variables in the animation blueprints, you’ll cast to the same character blueprint and use the same information. You’ll essentially be playing both animations at the same time, but the incorrect mesh will not be shown, so neither will those animations.

If you’re using animation assets instead of animation blueprints, first off: why? and second off, you can just use the set animation nodes on the correct mesh when necessary.

Alright mate! Thanks a lot! Will get to work on this when I get back from school! Really appreciate the help mate! :slight_smile:

Oh excuse me, I meant the controller of the pawn.


Alright mate! Thanks so much for you help!
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